About the site

Welcome to the website and blog Stansbury Forum, dedicated to the life and work of Jeffrey D. Stansbury. Jeff was a man of many interests and passions, serving the people’s movements as an environmentalist, journalist and labor organizer. He worked for three unions: the United Auto Workers (UAW), the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) and the Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE). At 60 he decided to go to graduate school at UCLA and get a PhD in History. His thesis, “The Making of the LA Working Class 1895-1910”, was completed in 2007. He published articles and op-ed pieces on immigration, labor, politics in a variety of media and coauthored the nationally syndicated column “Our Environment” with Stewart Udall.

Stansbury Forum features regular discussion by writers, activists and scholars on the topics that Jeff focused his life on: labor, immigration, the environment, politics and world affairs.